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Better equipment, better care.

The Ministry of Health does not fund new or replacement hospital equipment. That means our community relies on donations to equip St. Mary’s with the tools staff need to do their life-saving work.

Why so much?

St. Mary’s has some of the best healthcare staff in the province. But their skills and expertise can't shine without proper equipment.
$50 million funds vital diagnostic tools, including X-ray machines and nuclear medicine cameras that uncover health concerns quickly.

Why does it matter?

Reason No.


More birthday cake

Photo of a child's birthday cake.
Nate was recovering from the infection that landed him on life support when he received a special hand-written invitation from his three-year-old daughter.
“Please come to my birthday party,” the card read. “You will be my present.”
Nate had arrived at St. Mary’s in septic shock after a flu turned into pneumonia in October.
Over the next few weeks, he would be ventilated at St. Mary’s, sent to Toronto for further life-support measures, and returned to St. Mary’s, where staff worked diligently to get him back on his feet.
With the invite as his motivation, Nate made it out of the hospital for the late-November party.
The 44-year-old father went from thinking he’d never see his children again, to carrying the cake at his daughter’s fourth birthday.

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Slashed wait times: New, efficient equipment means more access to diagnostic imaging.
St. Mary's new MRI machine.
Photo: MRI Imaging on screen

Reason No.

Clearer answers: Upgraded technology means crisper images for clearer diagnoses.

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Serotonin spike You feel good after a good deed. Try it for yourself!
Photo: a happy donor, smiling

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